"As a student, I need verbal feedback when learning to read sight words, so that I can correct errors, learn new words, and practice what I learn."

What is it?

An app built for iPhone and Android that gamifies and provides real-time feedback to students learning sight words.

Who is it for?

Children ages 4-8 (pre-K to third grade) who are learning to read. Our next steps include extending the user story to parents and teachers, who have a need for advanced data analysis and presentation, as well as multiple users.

Why do they need it?

Students need input when practicing and learning to read, to identify success and avoid reinforcing misconceptions.

How does it work?

We access the Google Voice, Siri, and speech synthesis APIs to create a virtual teacher. We use the Ionic 2 Framework to create a coss-platform Angular app. Built by a team of one developer (Josh Glazer) one graphic designer (Eric Gil), and one product manager (Anthony Schultz).