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"As a student, I need verbal feedback when learning to read sight words, so that I can correct errors, learn new words, and practice what I learn."

What is it?

The only supplemental reading app that gamifies sight-word reading while providing real-time feedback.

Who is it for?

Children ages 4-8 (pre-K to third grade) who are learning to read. Our next steps include extending the user story to parents and teachers, who have a need for advanced data analysis and presentation, as well as multiple users.

Why do they need it?

Students need input when practicing and learning to read, to identify success and avoid reinforcing misconceptions.

How does it work?

We access the Google Voice, Siri, and speech synthesis APIs to create a virtual teacher. We use the Ionic 2 Framework to create a coss-platform Angular app. Built by a team of one developer (Josh Glazer) one graphic designer (Eric Gil), and one product manager (Anthony Schultz).


"As a student, I need a fun way to practice logging on to my new device, so that I won't waste time or get frustrated during lessons."

What is it?

Loginator is the first supplemental educational app that gamifies the login process for students. The MVP of this app was build in JQuery. Currently Loginator is written in Angular.


Who is it for?

Students in grades K-5.

Why do they need it?

Teachers report that students can take up to five minutes logging in. This causes a significant logjam in their lessons. As frustration builds in teachers and students, resistance to new apps can occur.

How does it work?

The student can choose 1, 2, or 3 minutes to correctly log in as many times as possible. Score is kept, and personal high scores are saved. In the Angular version, student login information is securely obtained from the school's server.


As a teacher, I need to automatically process my data in a uniform way that meets my principal's expectations, so that I can spend more time analyzing the data and planning lessons accordingly.

What is it?

A suite of data programs designed to automate data analysis and presentation used by the BCPS math department from 2014-2016.


Who is it for?

BCPS math teachers in grades 1-5.

Why do they need it?

BCPS teachers report that they spend several hours in preparation for each data meeting. This suite of apps automates all of this, eliminating 15-20 hours of work per user, per year, while presenting the data in a more pleasing, understandable, and standardized way.

How does it work?

Once the teacher enters in the basic data (who got what right and wrong), VBA scripts do all the rest. Data is presented in various meaningful ways. Detailed, customized parent communications are automatically created. And, special print functions guarantee beautiful handouts for the data meeting! Now, teachers can spend more time teaching.

Curriculum Design

View some examples of interactive video lessons that I have made. Note: some functionality is disabled; these were made to work through the Engrade LMS system, which allowed for automated formative assessment for each student.

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